Are your servers being sold by hackers?

Security experts at 8brains have uncovered multiple black market boutiques offering to sell access to hacked websites. Customers can browse various offerings directly from their computers.

The principle is unfortunately very simple. Malicious individuals infiltrate your server through a technical and/or human flaw and install a hacking tool (RAT, Trojan horse, ransom, …) that allows them remote access.

In the case of the « blackhat » shops uncovered by 8Brains, hackers provide access to remote shells, which allow remote control of the machine. With access to a shell, one can browse or modify the content of the site, install malware on the server, or administer it as though they were in fact the legitimate owner.

#!/bin/sh echo “Black market”

It also becomes possible to orchestrate a number of malicious actions. Those most frequently employed by hackers include launching attacks against other sites, spreading unsolicited e-mails (spam), hiding fake shops (medicines, counterfeits, …) or installing malicious programs (ransomware).

Access to your machines is sold for just 2 to 5 dollars! In other words, it will cost you thousands of times more if a malicious hacker exploits it… and you are stuck fixing the damage after.

Not to mention your company’s image, reputation and competitiveness may be affected.

To avoid this costly end of repair, 8Brains offers you to be proactive against this kind of cyber attack. Act before it’s too late by initiating security audits of your online assets as well as regular darkweb monitoring.