Covid-19: The 8Brains makes its safety teams available on a voluntary basis to health establishments

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The COVID19is creating an overload on hospitals, clinics and practices that are struggling to manage the influx of sick people and deliver life-saving care.

Unfortunately, cybercriminals take advantage of this state of emergency and multiply their attacks on institutions and organizations that care for critically ill patients, further weakening our health systems and putting lives at risk, those of our neighbours, our friends, our relatives, and perhaps our own.

In the face of this lethal threat to our communities, The 8Brains, a company specializing in cyber security, cyber incident response and crisis management, is committed and ethical.

In agreement with our partners MailinBlack and Sentinel One, we volunteer our human and software resources to any hospital, clinic, university or government health agency that is fighting against COVID19 under a cyber attack threatening its operations and the health of patients.

The 8Brains’ teams of highly qualified experts are therefore available to the above-mentioned institutions to accompany them through the crisis and together win the fight against COVID19.

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                                                                                              Arnaud Flotté-Dubarry        CEO